President Barrow: NPP offers to rescue Gambians from “ruthlessly exploited” talents, potentials

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA:-Gambian President Adama Barrow has said that his newly launched party offers alternatives to rescue Gambians whose talent and potential have either been wasted, untapped or ruthlessly exploited for decades.

Speaking at the launching of the National People’s Party (NPP) held at the Independence Stadium, President Barrow said his party’s vision is to build “a nation we can be proud to call home.”

“This is derived from the desire for positive, transformative change that will result in an all-inclusive, all-progressive and an accomplished society of happy, peaceful, dignified and united people who are proud to call The Gambia home.”

He said the party’s manifesto is as a result of an in-depth search for options and possibilities that can bring meaningful change in the country.

“We offer a governance construct that is truly rooted in uprightness, sincerity and accountability, complemented by the drive to promote and sustain equitable and efficient service delivery and justice for all.

We bring a new and vigorous infusion of vision, talent and leadership that boldly maintains that our democracy must be re-energised to broaden and secure the scope and grounds on which our people can make informed choices, and live decent lives.”

NPP, he continued, believe in democracy for good governance, as defined by law and approved by the people, noting that they do not believe in any form of government that contravenes The Gambia’s shared ideals and values.

“Accordingly, we denounce and reject all forms of dictatorship and degrading treatment of human beings or communities. We believe that all are equal before the law, and all human beings have the same fundamental rights to life and good living.”

As an NPP Government, we plan to unfold and implement an ambitious modernisation plan to address our infrastructure challenges, he said.

Examples of proposed projects include roads, drainage systems, street lighting and waste management, among many others.

“An NPP President will be the President of all; so, we welcome the participation and services of all categories and types of professionals, experts and scholars. I assure everyone that our Party stands for the unity, progress and happiness of all Gambians at home and in the Diaspora.”

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