President Barrow collects voting ticket ahead of 4th December polls

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA:- As hundreds of people queue in different polling stations across country to obtain their voters’ cards, President Barrow joined the fray on Wednesday.

His registration ahead of the December presidential election was done at the McCarthy Squire in Banjul on the fifth day of registration.

From early hours of the morning, voter registration centres across the country could be spotted registering people to affirmed their eligibility to taking part in the December 4 presidential elections.

This forthcoming election will avail Gambians the opportunity to either choose a new leader or extend the mandate of current President, Adama Barrow.

The president who secured his participation ticket also called on Gambians to get their voters’ card in other to be decision makers in the country.

‘’If you are part of the society, you should be part of the decision-making process,” Barrow said, adding, “If you are registered you can make decisions that means you can select people who will represent you.”

The Gambian leader used the opportunity to urge the public to follow due process in the acquisition of the voters’ card.

“We want IEC also (to) be very friendly and accommodating so that people will come without fair and register,” he said.

The issuance of the voters’ card is governed by strict regulations powered by the Independent Electoral Commission.

Among the key eligibility criteria include proof of citizenship through the presentation of one of the national documents such as birth certificate, identity card, travelling passport or attestation from the village Alkalo.

The registration exercise followed the award of 3 million dollars contract for the supply of election materials by the Gambia Public Procurement Authority in February.

As registration goes on, complains of long queues have been echoed by many people since the beginning of the process. This, according to some, is caused by what appears to be mechanical failures with some of the systems used for the production of the cards.

The Chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission blamed some of the challenges on the lack of certain facilities.

“Very very few (challenges) because you know these machines are been over used. We normally register about 120 maximum but they up to 200. So it’s challenging and the generator also have some connection with that,” the IEC chief said.

The last time citizens raced to the polls in a presidential elections was in 2016, one of the most celebrated in the history of Gambia.

Yahya Jammeh, who ruled the country for 22 years, suffered a surprise defeat by Adama Barrow in the country’s presidential elections.

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