President Barrow and his government should be advice to welcome protests

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: One of the members of a group of Gambians comprising members of the civil society and activists who announced their organisation of a protest with the slogan “Defadoy” meaning in local Wolof language “is enough” said on Sunday that President Adama Barrow and his government needs to be advised to understand how important protests are to the new government to set them right.
Madi Jorbateh said government’s failure to attend what they called a “peaceful” protest to demand from the government to set things right shouldn’t have happened, saying, “We should have seen the justice minister, Vice President, Interior and Youth and Sports ministers here.”
The group announced that they were orgsanising a protest at the West Field Junction but their intention was gripped with criticism from people, majority of them fearing that it could turn into violence.
Last week Monday, young people of Faraba Banta and the personnel of the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) clashed in the community that sparked a wave of panic in the country with colossal destruction of properties following the demand for explanation on how a construction company called Julakay construction acquired licence to conduct sand mining in their community. Three people died in the mishap with several others sustaining injuries including PIU officers who were deployed to the scene.
“This should not be seen as enmity and violence. Protests only turn violence when the police fail to responsibly execute their duties,” Mr. Jobarteh said.
He said their Sunday protest was in fact in the interest of the Police, saying in any society, all citizens must be in average to repair damages made. “Not long ago, 135, 000 civil servants protested in France to condemn President Macron’s policies and hostility measures.”

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