Police bust cross-border drug trafficking ring in China

EYEAFRICA TV: Pingxiang City, China: The police of south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region have recently busted a cross-border drug trafficking ring, arresting five suspects and seizing about 14 kg of heroin.
Earlier this year, police of Guangxi’s Pingxiang City suspected a Viennese woman surnamed Ou (Chinese name) and her Chinese husband, surnamed Huang, as having involved in a large drug trafficking case. The drugs were trafficked from Laos and Vietnam by Ou’s family, while she changed the way of contact frequently to avoid investigations by the police.
Police officers said that they have watched closely the suspects since January, when they busted a related drug case.
“In January, we busted a case and seized 10 pieces of drugs, which led us to this criminal ring headed by Ou,” said a police officer.
At about 11:00 on Oct 12, Ou secretly met with her associate surnamed Peng at home. After Peng came out from Ou’s home, the police arrested him and seized on the spot the drugs in his handbag. The police seized 10 pieces of heroin from Peng’s bag, weighing 3.5 kilograms in total.
At the same time, several other police officers arrested Ou and Huang at their home, and seized 1.37 million yuan cash they just got from the deal with Peng. The police also seized more drugs and detained five vehicles used for drug trafficking.
At present, the Chinese police has notified the Vietnamese and Lao police of the the case so as to completely bust the cross-border drug trafficking gang through international cooperation.

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