Police allow no place in Hong Kong to become haven for criminals

EYEAFRICA TV: Hong Kong, China: Rioters’ violent activities have made Hong Kong residents living in fear and police will not allow any place in Hong Kong to be haven for criminals, a police officer said on Tuesday at a press conference.
Kong Wing-cheung, senior superintendent of the department of public relations of the Hong Kong Police, first briefed the press of the damages made by rioters in recent days in Hong Kong.
“As of midday today, in Hong Kong, nearly 50 locations had been vandalized and blocked, and over 160 sets of traffic lights had been damaged and were still waiting for repair. Besides, four MTR lines were forced to suspend or delay at different stations. This society was almost out of control. The rioters’ acts have severely and extensively affected the daily life of Hong Kong residents and made them living in fear,” said Kong.
According to the police, the rioters’ acts of throwing objects onto the road from a height and setting fire on campus have posted great threat to the public security. Police have the power to enforce the law as long as anyone breaks it.
“In view of the rioters’ acts, the police actively conducted a number of actions, including entering the campus to disperse and arrest the rioters. As for some doubts saying the police do not have the power to enforce the law on the campus, I have explained for many times and today I must seriously point out again that we would never allow any place in Hong Kong to become a haven for criminals. The police would enforce the law so long as anyone breaks it,” said Kong.
“Even without a search warrant, the Police Force Ordinance has empowered us to enter, search and make arrest in relevant places. Places like schools, shopping malls and MTR stations are all not places outside of judicial reach. I want to remind you that schools are not considered private properties under the Public Force Ordnance,” added Kong.

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