PIU Public Order Tactical Applications training commence today

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: At least 40 Gambian Police Intervention Unit (PIU) officers will commence a two-day Public Order Tactical Applications training today at the PIU headquarters in Kanifing. The training will run up to 21st June.

The training will be led by the French National Police. This will be the first training under the French-Gambia Cooperation towards applying the principles of good governance to security provision, management and supervision in a democratic context. 

This is part of Gambia’s security sector reform process. The principles for Security Sector Governance include effectiveness, efficiency, accountability, transparency, responsiveness and the rule of law. 

As part of a more comprehensive Security Sector Reform programme, the two-week training will be conducted by French law enforcement experts from France’s operational units to benefit 40 PIU officers including Platoon and Section Commanders. It will include modules on discerning critical operational situations, analyzing the environment and giving proper orders to troops.

“Given the fact that the operating staff in a unit perform according to the orders they receive from their chiefs/platoon heads, it was important that the first step of a long lasting French training program starts with effective exercise of operational command,” a statement from the Office of National Security stated. 

The first week of training will focus on the acquisition and validation of the basics that would enable the performance of elementary maneuvers, movements and tactics, while the second week will focus more on operational reasoning and command. “The training is important for PIU officers because the laws of The Gambia forbid the security excessive use force.”

Globally, police are prepared to tackle all kind of challenges but the most important of all is how to respond in terms of riot. The two weeks training is expected to expand the skills of the PIU officers in an on-going process of cooperation between the French National Police and The Gambian Police Force.

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