Pipeline residents in dilemma of Water Shortage amid COVID-19 preventive measures

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: As the several communities within Serrekunda and its catchment areas continue to complain of water shortage this week, some residents in Pipeline said they are the most hard-hit with no single drop of water coming from their taps.

The country’s water and electricity power house; Nawec did not yet make any official announcement on the reason since the shortage hit the areas.

On March 15th, it wrote on its facebook page informing the public that its Boreholes BH16 and BH6 were isolated to enable repair works on a burst pipe on the borehole line connected to Fajara Water Treatment Plant which it said is expected to last for only 3 hours and will affect Bakau, Cape Point, Fajara M, F and Golf Course sections.

Alagie Kanteh, a resident of Pipeline told Eyeafrica on Thursday that the neighborhood has been seriously facing the water challenge for a long time.

Mr Kanteh said the difficulty in their access to water has become severe this year than last year, saying they have been suffering from the water shortage for more than a week now.

On March 16th, Nawec posted another follow up announcement on its facebook page informing the public that normal service has been restored at the Fajara Treatment Plant and BH16 and BH6 are back in operations but yet, more residents in the affected areas continue to complaint of having no access to water from their taps.

Another resident of the area said the situation is not favorable at all, especially at this time of coronavirus outbreak which health officials have advised for regular hand washing.

A third resident also expressed fear of their safety from the possible infection of corona virus as they continue to face the challenge of water shortage.

When contacted, Nawec spokesperson Pierre Sylva said there was a major burst pipe round Latiriya that supply water to the Sukuta water treatment plant which led to thirteen boreholes going down. He said repairs have already being done.

Mr sylva said the repairs does not solve the water problem, saying what Nawec is supply in the Greater Banjul Areas is not enough for the population.

The country’s water supply authority has been facing severe power outage with many of its power generating generators which operate on heavy fuel have been in existence since the Gambia’s first republic.

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