Perspective: Politics of everyone’s business

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Have you ever taken your valuable time to think of how decisions are made on your behalf without your physical presence, how your tax is utilized, how laws are made and enforced, and most importantly, how the president takes certain decision on your behalf?
Well, all these have link to an ‘institution’ called Politics, which most of you don’t want to be associated with. From decisions made on your behalf through policies, the utilization of your taxes, the making of laws and their enforcement, and the role of the president – representation wise- all have direct relationship with the political leadership of a country with which many  citizens have influence on, especially through elections.
These made politics everyone’s business. Whether one takes part directly or not, the confirmed fact remains that everyone is an indirect political stakeholder. The image politics in our contemporary societies globally worth defining analyzing.

One must learn to desist from political childishness. The politics we have today is in two folds; developmental and non-developmental. Developmental politics majorly encircles on the principle of truth, transparency and accountability. It scales on to include the respect for human beings as creatures endowed with rights simply because they are human beings.
The advocacy for the advancement of  human rights  is challenging as globally, certain section of people grossly violate peoples’ rights and  end-up manipulating the law. Such people include political leaders and rich people.
The non-developmental politics is fundamentally based on lies and deceiving through unfulfilled promises which pose the political bond that the Electorates and the Elect have into threat. Furthermore, this is equally characterized by the lack of foresight from the leader because he/she have not presented his or her real image to the audience but instead, choose lie and deceive as his/her basis to win the hearts of the people.

Moreover, an environment where non-developmental politics highly have impact on is where the masses or populists fail to majorly agree on the political malapropisms and lapses that governments and political parties are identified with and the reluctance to put hands on desk to help develop each other.
Carefully link this little information to your environment of dwelling and be your own individual analysts of the political nature you have.
Politics must not be seen as an avenue for lying and deceit but it must be based on the principle of truth. This cannot happen without transparency and accountability.

Written by Sulayman Lecturer Darboe

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