Peace agreement is key to stability restoration in Mali: UN official

EYEAFRICA TV: Bamako, Mali: The Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation from 2014 remains the sole platform for the return of peace and stability in Mali, top UN official in the country Mahamat Saleh Annadif told the Security Council on Tuesday at the UN Headquarters in New York City.
The fact that the 38th session of the Agreement Monitoring Committee (CSA) was not held as planned in Kidal on Sept. 17 has created ill feelings among the signatory parties, according to Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Mali Mahamat Saleh Annadif via a video teleconference from Bamako.
The feeling was amplified by the Government’s announcement to revise certain provisions of the Agreement, all in the framework of the National Inclusive Dialog, he added.
The official was speaking on the situation in Mali following the publishing of report of the UN Secretary-General on the situation in the country, which highlighted “the slow pace” in implementation of the Peace Agreement.
“In the light of these developments, which are potentially harmful to the smooth implementation of the peace process, it is extremely important to call on all stakeholders to continue their dialog in the spirit of the Agreement, which remains the sole platform for the return of peace and stability in Mali. The strengthening of trust between the signatories is essential for the holding of the next session of CSA,” said Annadif, who also heads the UN peacekeeping mission in Mali.
The humanitarian situation in the center of the country continues to deteriorate, he said. The cycle of violence has driven new waves of internally displaced persons (IDPs). The current number of IDPs is 171,000, the highest since 2015.
Also speaking at the meeting, Malian ambassador to the UN Issa Konfourou said his government remains determined to speed up the implementation of the Agreement, despite multiple challenges.
The fact that the implementation of the Agreement is faced with considerable challenges should not be neglected, such as the degradation of the security environment and the lack of financial resources, he pointed out, calling on the country’s partners to honor their commitments on funds in order to help facilitate the implementation of the Agreement.
“Moving forward, the Government remains determined to speed up the implementation of the Agreement, as we proved last July by the adoption of the revised road map, by the Government and the signatory parties,” Konfourou said.
The meeting of the Security Council took place just two days after one UN peacekeeper from Chad was killed and four others injured (three from Chad and one from Togo) in two separated attacks that took place on Sunday.

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