Over D1M Electricity training Faculty launched in Siffoe

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, Gambia: Over one-million-dalasi Germany-based Ten Brinke Foundation sponsored electricity training faculty project has been lunched in Siffoe village on Friday, by Young People Without Borders (YPWB); a youth-led community-based organization.  

The project targets to close the non-skills gap among young people in the country and to prepare them with life-skills that can benefit them anywhere they travel to round the world.

Facilitated by Gambia Rural Poor Association (GamRuPA)Europe, the electricity faculty will provide skills training to young people in the field of electrical wiring and other skills that can prepare them for the future. The facility has class rooms and an office, a hall and another classroom preserved for plumbing training.

Chairperson and founder of Young People Without Borders, Kalifa Kanteh said the realisation of the project is in their quest for young people to be prepared with ready skills wherever they re, saying many young people travel outside of the Gambia without any skill which usually pose challenges to them.

“We agree that traveling is a basic human right but what we are advocating is for people to acquire ready skills when they are traveling. We encourage parents to send their children to the training center,” he said.

He said within they training center, they have other training faculties including tailoring, hairdressing, welding and joinery and carpentry.

According to him, the projects targets to ease the travel burden on students to institutions like GTTI to acquire skills training, saying travel cost is one thing on many students while having a guardian is another.

He thanked Gambia Rural Poor Association (GamRuPA) Europe for creating the connection for them and Ten Brinke Foundation in Germany for funding the project.

Ellen Meuneutenveld, board member of Gambia Rural Poor Association (GamRuPA) Europe thnked their partners for the support and called on the people of Siffoe and the surrounding communities to make the best use of the facility.

Elizbeth Nienhaas, a member of Ten Brinke Foundation said they support orphanages and institutions to become self-reliant, saying they provide opportunities to young people to contribute to the development of their countries.

Chairperson of Education for All Network, Bakary Badjie said the project is a sample that will provide life skills to young people, encouraging parents to send their children to the training center to acquire skills.

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