Ousianou Darboe Prison Mate Disappointed by Barrow Government

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: A man who was arrested and jailed alongside Gambia’s current Foreign Affairs Minister Ousianou Darboe and others during former President Yahya Jammeh’s regime said he is disappointed by the President Adama Barrow led coalition government for neglecting them. this was made public in an audio published on a WhatsApp group.
Mamadou Fatty said since their release from prison after the fall of President Jammeh, they never enjoyed a diamond from the coalition government while some of his inmates are enjoying life under air conditioners. “Ramadan came and past and I did not receive even a cup of sugar from them. Not even a Tobaski Ram,” he said.
Mr. Fatty, Ousianou Darboe and other were arrested and jailed by the Jammeh government for nearly six months a match past they organised in connection to election reform.
“You did not do anything for us. I’ll not be quite about this; I’ll talk. People who ran away from Ousianou Darboe and hide themselves under their beds during the protest are the people you put in high positions and forget about us.”
According to Mr. Fatty, to follow the coalition government has no benefit and even if someone die for the coalition is useless.
Mr. Fatty accused the Barrow government of pick and choose employment, mainly family members and relatives.

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