Old Yundum Schools forced to Shutdown for fear of health hazard from Dumpsite

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Schools in Old Yundum are facing a third day in a row of forceful shutdown to safe their student population from possible health hazard incidents from a dumpsite that has been left unmanaged for a long time.
The community in the area watched the evolution of a major dumpsite between the Old Yundum Lower Basic School and the Coastal Road Market, and further between the Junior School and the garage in the area.
The disposed waste originates from the Old Yundum Market, mainly by vendors and cleansing agents on a hot traffic.
Mariama HB Joof, a resident in the area pointed at the business community for making profit to the detriment of the neighborhood.
The school ground is completely deserted as a result of the pollution emanating from the waste hill behind the school fence.
Until the problem is addressed, the clean interior of the lower basic may remain as a football field for children who have to be there without the green and black uniform.

Old Yundum Headmaster Nfamara M Sanneh said the creation of the dumpsite next to his school gate as is unfortunate

Nfamara M Sanneh, Head Teacher of Old Yundum Lower Basic School Described the creation of the dumpsite next to his school gate as ‘a very unfortunate situation.’ He said the dump site has been there for long.
Despite the existence of the waste site, teaching and learning was going on for ages until Wednesday, when the school administration was compelled to shut down all activities to safe its student.
In this school alone, more than three thousand students between the ages of four to twelve would have to sit at home pending on a miracle to bring about sanity on their school environment.
Eyeafrica team went to the Brikama Area Council but none of the senior officials was available to give their side of the story. The Chairman was reportedly bereaved on Thursday.
When contacted the Council’s Public Relations Officer, he said he was not in a position to comment on the matter.

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