OJ: Imam Fatty’s Position on Ahmadis does not represent view of the majority

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Gambia’s agriculture minister Omar Jallow said on Wednesday that former State House Imam Abdoulie Fatty’s position against the country’s regulatory body –PURA- granting of television broadcasting licence to Ahmadiya Muslim Jamat was not representing the view of The Gambian people, saying what is required on “us” as human beings is to accommodate one another and live in peace and harmony.

 At a press conference he organised at his office on the issue, agriculture minister Jallow said Allah could have bring only one prophet but in his wisdom, he brought many of them and created people in different religions.

 Some two months ago, the country’s Supreme Islamic Council announced that it was submitting a petition to the Public Utility and Regulatory Authority –PURA- to ask them to reject the Ahmadis application to open a television station in the country, saying if they are given the platform, they will use the medium to pollute and confuse the mind of “faithful” Gambian Muslims.

 “I decided to call for this press conference because I feel some of us should react to it before many people will think that every Gambian  have agreed to what Imam Fatty  said, not knowing that majority of Gambians don’t agree to it.”

 The Supreme Islamic Council and the Ahmadiya Jamat have not been in good terms for decades now. The council believes that Ahmadis are not practicing the true teachings of Islamic religion and fear that if they are given the platform to have free operation in the country they could pollute the minds of Muslims who, they say are truly practicing Islam.

Mr. Jallow made reference to the hardship that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) went through to establish the Islamic religion. “Three books are recognised, the Holy Qur’an, Torah and Injil. That is why for me, I will accommodate everybody because I have no right to judge. Let us leave judgment to Allah.”

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