NRP Endorses Barrow As NPP Unveils 2021 Agenda

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: The magnetic force in the newly formed National Peoples’ Party is beginning to attract revolutionary support beginning with the leadership of National Reconciliation Party.

Adama Barrow who rose to the helm of affairs thanks to coalition agreement in 2016, chose to continue his political journey with formation of the NPP through which he would seek another mandate in the 2021 general elections.

The party whose logo is, white horse, has not been so definitive as to its relationship with cabinet ministers but that trend is changing with the holding of a public rally organised in the Upper River Region.

The rally was convened a day after the inauguration of 120 kilometres long Laminkoto – Passamas road in a government sponsored tour which will also feature the opening of Gambia College annex in Basse.

Tourism Minister and leader of the National Reconciliation Party, Hamat Bah assured the gathering that he has chosen to work with President Barrow for the success of the newly formed party.

His party maintains the strongest affinity with the current government since the formation of the coalition that defeated the twenty-two-year rule of the Alliance Patriotic Reconstruction and Construction under Yahya Jammeh.

Apart from the vice president, an independent member of the political force in December 2016, and Mr Bah, all other stakeholders are no longer in ministerial positions, although, a some are still considered advisers to the presidency.

In the view of the NRP leader, multiple parties would only cause division of votes among political leaders, but he did not clarify whether his party would continue to exist as independent entity or as coalition to the NPP.

“Now that he has established a party, I assure him of my partnership in both good and bad times on the objective to vote Adama Barrow as president”, Bah said during the rally at Baniko Kekoro in the Upper River Region on Sunday.

The president assured the people of URR to expect more development to boost their standard of living in what he called the inauguration of his party to the people.

Before the mega rally in his hometown, news of the National Peoples’ Party was only limited to official documents.

A week earlier, Mr Barrow handed the sum of two million dalasi to victims of the Basse Market fire in what appeared as political competition with the Gambia Democratic Congress who handed two hundred thousand, and his former party, United Democratic Party that donated four hundred thousand dalasi.

He informed supporters that the Basse Region is not a target for his campaign in view of the fact that his development projects are already lifting the dark grey flag in the area.

Because, “a dinner pledge of someone who offers you breakfast and lunch is trustworthy” Adama Barrow said in symbolism to the ongoing works in Basse.

He hinted that, besides the completion of the, Laminkoto-Passamas highway, the next most important infatuation on the new party’s agenda is the road linking Koina, the last Gambian community in the upper river with its regional capital, Basse for exchange of goods and services.

Barrow disclosed that both Mr Bah, and former Youth and Sports Minister, Hendy Gomez who is now a presidential adviser on youth matters are working hard to institute the essence of the National Peoples’ Party.

“This meeting signifies that NPP is growing” with support both at home and abroad.

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