NPP not against diaspora voting, party’s administrative secretary says

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA:- The administrative secretary of the National People’s Party(NPP), Mam Mbanyik Njie said the party is not against the diaspora voting as pressure mounts on government to actualize the participation of Gambians living abroad.

Speaking to Eye Africa TV, Mam Mbanyick said NPP wants the voting to be across the board if people are agitating for the participation of the diaspora.

“But what I do not agree with is people thinking that the diaspora is only limited to America and Europe,” he said. “Those in Senegal, those in Mali, those in Guinea are diasporants. So if we are agitating for diaspora vote then it has to be across the board.”

Mam Mbanyik also highlighted the preparedness of NPP ahead of December 2021 presidential elections.

“We are really prepared now to go into the December 4th elections hopefully and with a lot of inspiration to win the elections. In fact, very soon people will realize that we are up for business.”

Gambians living abroad are anticipating to take part in the next general elections for the first time ever.

However, the people of the diaspora have raised concerns after the IEC released its latest electoral calendar without specifically indicating when they will register.

Recently, the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Mamburry Njie announced to members of the parliament that the government did not cater for any budget to sustain the cost of participation for diaspora Gambians in the forthcoming elections.

Despite living away from home, some Gambians have submitted that they are desirous of actively participating in the governance of the country, either in their own rights or in associations with other Gambians.

They also demanded to be eligible to the executive organs of the parties they wish to form or join.

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