No Angolan living in China has been infected with covid-19: Chinese Ambassador

EYEAFRICA TV: Luanda,Angola: The Chinese Ambassador to Angola, Gong Tao, spoke to the Angolan press over the novel coronavirus disease(covid-19) last Friday.

Gong Tao, said the Angolan thought, since the outbreak of the disease in China, more specifically in the city of Wuhan, the Chinese people have united to eliminate this terrible coronavirus.

“Since this outbreak in China, we have come together to find valid solutions to eradicate this coronavirus, solutions and results, we did it, just to give you an idea, yesterday across China, only 8 cases appeared, and at the epicenter of problem, Wuhan City, only 5 cases appeared, this is a disease that can be cured and controlled,” said Gong Tao, Chinese ambassador to Angola.

Regarding the situation of Angolan students staying in China, the ambassador stated that the Angolan community is well and that the situation is under control.

“I can assure you that the entire Angolan community, whether students or businessmen, is doing well. No Angolans in China were infected with covid-19,” said Gong Tao, Chinese ambassador to Angola.

The diplomat said that the food logistics system is fully functioning, as well as the control and distribution of hygiene and prevention materials.

“For Angolan students who have difficulties obtaining food or something else, there is a plan,” said the Chinese ambassador.

With time going on, economic activities, as well as the daily life, are returning to normality. But for university students, as the ambassador said, still require some care.

“As many university students as normal students, they have started classes again, but this does not happen in schools, but at home, using new information technologies, such as the Internet,” said the Chinese ambassador.

Since the coronavirus broke out, China has been collaborating with the entire international community. Chinese scientists, have exchanged experience with all countries affected with the covid-19.

“We have already sent medical teams to Japan, Korea and Italy, countries very affected by the covid-19, we have also sent materials for the treatment of the outbreak,” said Gong Tao, Chinese ambassador to Angola.

The ambassador also affirmed Chinese support for the government of Angola in fighting against the covid-19.

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