Commissioner General Yankuba Darboe is still GRA Boss

OPINION: The news going around the social media that the President of the Republic has removed Commissioner General Yankuba Darboe of GRA and appointed him as Ambassador to the Russian Federation are false and misleading. Mr Yankuba, since assuming the leadership of the GRA in 2012, has performed his public duty honorably and transformed the institution, both in terms of revenue mobilization and the human resource base. The feats under his leadership has gained the GRA an enviable regional and global recognition, why should the President remove such a selfless public servant?

It is important to note that the person that is alleged to replace Mr Yankuba as Commissioner-General has no intention whatsoever to occupy such a position. Deputy Commissioner Alhaji Mbye has an outstanding relationship with the Yankuba Darboe – their relationship is beyond the work place and they have over the years of their friendship forged strong family ties. Such an allegation is therefore mischievous and meant to create unnecessary mistrust.

Nation building thrives on collective effort, now then, more than ever before, may we collectively work to make our beloved country stronger and eschew falsehood that derails national efforts. The leadership of GRA renews its commitment to the President of the Republic and will continue to work in the interest of the Gambian people. We urge the general public to disregard mischievous publications as we stay focussed on the development of our people.


By Ansumana B. Bojang.

Gambia National Currently base in Ghana

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