National Assembly Suspends Budget Session to Study New Figures

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Gambia’s National Assembly was compelled to shift the beginning of its debate on the 2020 budget appropriation bill that was laid before representatives on Friday, to a day later on points of difference in figures.
As laid by the of finance and economic affairs minister, the bill proposed a budget cut by 1.6 billion Dalasi from the 22.9 billion estimate two weeks earlier but the subject of discussion on Monday featured a total budget estimate of 21.3 billion dalasi.
In the course of the session, deputies requested for a thirty-minute adjournment to reconcile the difference in figures on the rubrics of the ministries of agriculture; youth and sports; centralised services, and the total estimates.

When they resumed, deputies enforced Standing Orders 52(1) which calls for handing of motion in not less than five days before the sitting at which it is intended to be debated.
In a comment before the suspension of the session, finance minister Mamburay Njie noted that the ‘cuts’ or ‘deductions’ on any ministry or sector [that might show the difference in figures] was generally based on experts’ advice.

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