Mexico's President-elect Obrador defiant to sell-off Presidential jet

EYEAFRICA TV: MEXICO: The Preaident-elect of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador has insisted that he still plans to sell the presidential jet despite spending three hours grounded on a commercial plane.
Mr. Obrador’s flight from the southern state of Oaxaca to Mexico City was delayed because of heavy rain. “I won’t get on the presidential plane,” he said from his aircraft seat.
The left-wing leader, who won the presidential election by a landslide in July will be sworn in in December.
Mexico’s de luxe presidential jet, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner costing $218.7m (£166m) was delivered two years ago after being ordered by former President Felipe Calderón in 2012.
Footage from on board the flight and acquired by Reuters news agency shows the president-elect explaining that he would be “embarrassed” to board “a luxurious plane in a country where there is so much poverty”.

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