Member Of Jammeh's Killing Squad Asks For Forgiveness

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Alieu Jeng, who served in the military patrol team of former president Yahya Jammeh has ended his testimony before the TRRC, begging for forgiveness from families of his victims of murder and torture.

The Warrant Officer Class 1 confessed to taking active role in the killing of veteran journalist Deyda Hydara, Haruna Jammeh, a brother to the former president, and Dawda Nyassi.

He also admitted to have aided in the killing of over 30 West African migrants, including Ghanaians in 2005. He said his role was to transport them from the detention centre to the execution ground somewhere in the forest in Senegal’s Southern region of Casamance.

The jungler said he served as a witness and not participant to the killing of former Director of the defunct National Intelligence Agency Daba Marenah and six others in 2006. The others were Manlafi Corr, Ebou Lowe, Alpha Bah, Alieu Ceesay, and two other ladies including Masireh Jammeh.

He appealed for mercy from Gambians especially families of the victims with understanding that he was not acting on his will.

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