Medical experts in reproduction and fertility are cautioning couples who are experiencing fertility issues

EYEAFRICA TV: Kigali, Rwanda: Ndaboneye Muzungu, the 65-year-old man, expresses his view on this issue by saying that most men are not faithful to their spouses because they take too long to conceive. And in many cases, a lot of blame is put on the wife.

“When it comes to infidelity issues that are caused by reproduction issues, it is the woman who is mostly blamed. Her worth deteriorates, however when the husband chooses not to divorce her, he marries a second wife.”

Household counselor Niyonagira Eliane says that the problem of fertility is one of the causes of conflict for many families and divorces.

“I often get messages that young girls complain about men asking them to have children with them because their own wives are infertile. Once it’s done, once that happens, there’s a big war between these girls and the families, and the entire family is involved. However, there are some couples who are patient with each other and do not allow these issues to ruin their families.”

Medical experts say that both men and women have 50 – 50 chances of being infertile and having late childbirth, Women’s doctor Dr.Mugarura Jean Cyprien explains that when it comes to this issue, couples shouldn’t point fingers at each other but instead endeavor to go for medical check-ups.

Dr.Eugene Ngoga from Kanombe hospital gives hope to these couples by saying that there is medical help available for these couples.

When it comes to patients with reproductive issues and infertility, every once in a while through medical operation they manage to heal and conceive, those dealing with irregular menstrual cycles, there’s a certain medicine we give them that automatically solves the problem, we do the same thing with men with reproductive issues. However, when these issues are extreme, we resort to reproductive technology known as In Vitro fertilization.

In Kanombe hospital Infertility we received a number of 250 patients last year, 10% of these patients had issues with reproductive health and their ages range between 30 and 40.

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