Major powers' presence add uncertainty to north Syria situation: analyst

EYEAFRICA TV: Damascus, Syria: Turkey’s construction of a new military base in northern Syria, coupled with the return of U.S. troops and the continuous enhancement of Russia’s military presence in the country could lead to an escalation of conflicts of interest among major powers, leaving to an uncertain situation in northern Syria, according to a Syrian political analyst.
Turkey has begun the construction of a new military base on the southern outskirts of the border city of Ras El Ain in northern Syria, the Syrian Arab News Agency reported on Thursday.
The offensive of Turkey’s military actions in its “Fountain of Peace Operations” shows that Turkey might have plans to connect the area between Tell Abyad and Ras El Ain and some of the other places that they captured in two previous military operations, including Jarabulus and Afrin in northern Syria, to create a complete “safe area” in northern Syria, said experts.
“Now Turkey exists all over the north of Syria, as one of the parts like Russia, like Iran, like USA, and the other non-direct involved conflicts in the Syrian crisis,” said Sarikis Kassargian, Syrian political analyst.
According to media reports, although the U.S. has abandoned most military bases in northern Syria, some military bases in Al Hasakah and Deir ez-Zor have been retained. It is believed that the U.S. returned to Syria under the pretext of protecting oil fields, with the main purpose of restoring its influence on the Syrian political process.
“It finances the SDF, which means that you will have a new big powered ally in the area, I mean the Kurds. And at the end, it makes USA. part of the Syrian solution, or one of the parts on the Syrian solution table after Russia almost knocked out U.S. from the Syrian crisis by pulling the political process from Geneva to Astana,” said Kassargian.
The Russian military has built a new air base in the Qamishhlo region of the Al Hasakah Province in northern Syria, said the Russian defense ministry on Thursday. The U.S. media reported that the new Russian base is very close to the U.S. military base in the Al Hasakah Province.
In response, Syrian domestic analysts say that Russia’s selection of the premises could hint a possible power tussle between the two sides.
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