Majanko Samusa: Those who consider themselves first before the country will suffer

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: President Adama Barrow’s nominated member of the National Assembly has lashed out on Gambians who are guilty of considering themselves first before the country, saying those people will continue to suffer.
“Dictatorship has ended in this country since. South Africa’s Nelson Mandela was jailed for 27 years and later become a president. And Adama Barrow is the one given to Gambians by Allah and we must accept that,” Majanko Samusa said at Statehouse in Saturday.
At the Saturday meeting, President Adama Barrow hosted members of the Fula Association, Tabital Pulaagu Mbo Gambia -an affiliate of Tabital Pulaagu Mbo international- which confirmed earlier reports by one fraction of the association last month that Mr Barrow had asked their President Seedy Dem to mobilise at least 3000 Fulas for a meeting.
On October 26, one fraction of the Association denounced and accused President Adama Barrow of taking a direction that suggests a tribal difference in The Gambia when he request to meet with at least 3000 Fulas at Statehouse.
“It is the crowd that Barrow’s political father show behind him –Barrow- that brought the challenge between them,” Mr Samusa said, maintaining that Barrow is who Allah gave to Gambians to end dictatorship and Gambians must accept that. “If any Gambian say he will have 53% of votes in any general election, that person don’t just know because even the United Democratic Party (UDP) had 17% in the 2011 general elections,” he said.
He also said at the meeting that whoever stand and beat his chest that he will get 53% of the votes in the 2021 election, that person too don’t know where the votes are because in his –Samusa- own community in the last election, Barrow had 1, 117 votes there while Yahya Jammeh pulled 102 votes.

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