Mai Fatty: Today is Here, Another Thing will be said Tomorrow


EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Gambia’s relieved Interior Minister and leader of the Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) has described the bribery allegations levelled on him by the Freedom online newspaper as handy work of enemies who are bent on staining his name and reputation.
Mai Ahmed Fatty shared a Whatsapp audio in which he called his party members to maintain trust in him and believe in Allah, saying today has arrived and no matter what, people will say something about him another time.
Last Friday President Adama Barrow relieved Mr. Fatty of his Cabinet appointment as Minister of Interior without given any explanation but many people has connected it to the revocation of permit to a group of people who says they were organising a “peaceful” assembly against the country’s power house NAWEC.
Earlier this week, Freedom online newspaper published an article in which it was alleged that Mr. Fatty received a huge amount of Money from Semelex company on the pretext that it would be given to President Barrow to persuade him to award them the country’s biometric passport contract. The presidency has denied this article, calling it unfounded.
Mr. Fatty told his party members that nothing in the allegation can stain his reputation, saying the GMC party will remain respectable and committed to its obligations.
He said he sympathized with those who released the allegations, saying his stands will always be strong. “It was Allah who decides that I will be relieved of my Ministerial position for now and no one can change that. When the truth and lie fights, only the truth will last.”
Mr. Fatty said he will not offend anyone and will never give his back onto The Gambia, encouraging his parties members to stand firm because the country’s future will be in the hands of the GMC party.

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