Mai Fatty: I resigned because I find myself no more useful in the position

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Leader of Gambia Moral Congress (GMC); one of the eight political parties that formed the coalition that brought President Adama Barrow to power in the 2016 general elections has resigned from his post as special adviser to Mr Barrow.
At a press briefing at Kairaba Hotel on Friday, Mai Ahmed Fatty said he resigned because he do not find himself any more useful in that post. “I will continue to strengthen my political party base and I am calling on my political party members who were not happy with my return to government to return home because I am back,” Mr Fatty said.
He was President Barrow’s first Interior minister and during his tenure, he presided over troubling matters, including a riot against the presence of an Ecowas security mission in former President Yahya Jammeh’s home village of Kanilai in 2017, that led to the killing of one man and several others sustaining injuries.
President Barrow removed him from Interior minister in November 2017, without any explanation. Several Whatsapp social media audios from Mr Fatty were circulated, in which he demand for explanation for his removal which was never done until his appointment as Mr Barrow’s special adviser in January this year.
“I cannot spit and lick it. I am the same Mai Fatty that I was. What await our party is greatness and we will continue to build our country through collaboration, corporation and team work. There is no confrontation between me and the president.”
Mr Fatty who many people have considered as a ‘tit-for-tat’ game player during his short stint as Interior Minister, said there is no problem between ‘me and my friend’ President Barrow. “And for the opting time again, nothing has gone wrong between me and the president. I just don’t find my service useful.”
He said he is a lawyer by profession and he will now be focusing on reaching out to Gambians outside to talk about unity, saying The Gambia is his country and people must work together in advancing national interest.
Last month, Mr Fatty wrote on his facebook page, giving stringent warning to the government that it must be decisive in handling matters of important national documents in the wake of the diplomatic passport saga that hit the country.
He also reminded the government that it must be sensitive in handling the document, saying “We must act decisively against the trafficking of vital national documents, including birth certificates, ID cards, Drivers’ Licenses, etc, not only passports.”
While calling on his party members to shun politics of interest, Mr Fatty said his resignation has nothing to do with either 3 or 5 year campaigns, saying it was a matter of principle.

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