Louvre Museum holds grand exhibition to honor Leonardo da Vinci

EYEAFRICA TV: Paris, France: The Louvre in Paris is commemorating the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death with a new landmark exhibition, bringing together some 160 works by the Italian master and associated artists.
Visitors can view the enigmatic smile of the Mona Lisa, as well as various other works that reflect his achievements in science, architecture and other fields.
“Leonardo was a painter, but not only a painter, also a scientist, an architect, an inventor. And in the Louvre, we really wanted to show how painting was at the center of Leonardo’s life,” said Vincent Delieuvin, a curator of the exhibition.
Apart from da Vinci’s art masterpieces, his studies of anatomy and geometry are also on display. The curator said the exhibition aims to show the most complete legacy of Da Vinci’s life.
“We show here the last masterpiece of Leonardo Da Vinci, his ‘Saint-Anne’, which is his legacy of all his life, his scientific and artistic life,” said Delieuvin.
Ben Lewis, author of “The Last Leonardo: The Secret Lives of the World’s Most Expensive Painting,” said during an interview with China Global Television Network (CGTN) that da Vinci’s success came from his curiosity to the world.
“Within the pantheon of art, of European art, Leonardo is a deity, he is the most famous artist who ever lived. For us today, he is the very personification of art. But more than that, he is the personification of European civilization itself, because he wasn’t just an artist, he was a painter, he was a scientist, he was an engineer. But when you consider all of that, this is also somebody who never had a very high-brow classical education.So it’s about what anybody can achieve who’s just open to the world, and curious about how the world works,” said Lewis.
Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man” is on display as well, after an Italian court ruled that the drawing could travel from Venice to the Louvre for eight weeks. In exchange, the Louvre will lend several works by Raphael to Rome next year.
The exhibition officially opened on Thursday, and will run till Feb 24, 2020.

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