Late Caliph General’s son: Jammeh seek prayers from my father to become a King

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Former President Yahya Jammeh’s thirst power has been once again brought to the fore by the son of the former Caliph General of Dasilameh Sangajor, who told the TRRC on Thursday that his father once narrated to him that Jammeh once sent 8 Chiefs on him to pray for him to be King.

Abas Muhideen Hydara said the chiefs include the late paramount Chief Demba Sanyang but his father’s respond was that it is important to pray for the betterment of the country which angered Mr Jammeh.

The Caliph General, Muhideen Hydara was arrested and charged with conspiracy and disobedience to lawful order in 2014, alongside the Dasilameh village Alkalo, Buyeh Touray after they failed to lead their community to pray that year’s Muslim feast of Eid Adha on the day announced by the Supreme Islamic Council.

Abas told the Commission that his father’s responsibility was teaching people about Islam and enlightening them on the principles and rulings of Islamic teachings.

He said ‘Eid ul Adha’ and ‘Eid ul fitr’ are joyous days in the Life of Muslims across the world and his father been the Caliph General have been playing significant role on such auspicious days.

Abas said on the day of the Eid Adha prayer, he watch Supreme Islamic Council members’ visit to the president at state house which, he said was a norm during Jammeh’s administration.

Mr. Hydara said he heard from the leader of the Supreme Islamic Council telling the president that they have applied all efforts for the country to celebrate the feast in unison but to no avail and that only the president can help them achieve that aim.

He said shortly after that, Yahya Jammeh said no one will be celebrating the feat after the day announced by the Islamic Council and ordered the interior minister to arrest anyone who fails to comply.

The late Caliph’s son said his father was arrested after leading prayer on the second day of the Islamic Council’s announced date and was taken to Bwiam, where he was detained for 6 hours and later taken to Yundum Police Station, then to Banjul.

He told the Commission that after series of reporting to Yundum Police Station, He was later taken to the Supreme Islamic Councils headquarters for interrogation, where which former State House Imam Abdoulie Fatty revealed his intentions.

Story written by Binta Ceesay

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