Land owners urged on regular updating of land deeds to avoid land disputes

EYEAFRICA TV: Kigali, Rwanda: The local residents have been urged to keep updating their land deeds to avoid many of the disputes found in land-related matters.

The effects that are caused by negligence in registration updates on land deeds are found in 11 families in Mvuzo cell, In Gasabo district, where all families bought the same plot of land at different times; that registered to one individual and after 5 years; none had bothered with the land ownership transfer process.

“We had negligence, we would like to ask them to come and divide the land so that everyone can have his own land document or else we all be on one document,” said BIZUMUREMYI JEAN DAMASCENE.

“We didn’t do land transfer ownership because it was in the agricultural process but at least we would have registered on it but we didn’t,” said NISHIMWE PHOIBE.

There are 2 of the people that bought land with the owner that did the land transfer with the owner and started using the land, where the people that lived near the land shifted because of the fact that their houses were destroyed, and they had no exchange.

We couldn’t talk to the people accused of encroaching on land that does not belong to them, but the Executive secretary of Bumbogo Sector accepted to reach the plot by Wednesday this week.

“This problem has spent many years but I have known it today… we told the citizens that we go there on Wednesday and we assure them that we will solve it,” said RUGABIRWA DEO.

Marie Louise Mukashema, the senior legal attorney in the legal aid forum has advised the citizens to register lands in order to prevent the conflicts.

“Land registration in legal and it is responsibilities, all the changes either selling or gifts, if you don’t do that without even approaching the officials in charge to change the land deeds then do not say that the land document is yours,” said Maitre MUKASHEMA MARIE LOUISE.

Since 2009, the officials in charge of land registration say that problems related to land ownership were solved, but the challenges are still being faced where there are people that remember to register their land when the problems are already there.

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