Lady Dropped Out of School ‘After Attempted Rape’

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: A victim of sexual violence told the Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) on Monday that she was forced to drop out of a Qur’anic school at the age of twelve when her teacher attempted to rape her.
The lady who testified on condition of anonymity said her teacher, also known as Oustass threatened her with a knife if she insist not to yield to his invitation to his bedroom.
“When I entered the room, the Oustass was laying down on the bed, and the bed was covered with a mosquito net. The Oustass asked me to come to his bed to massage him but I refused. And he had a knife by his side on the bed, and he started. It was a push and pull, he slapped me on my face, and he wounded me. I still have the scar on my back.”
She said when she narrated her ordeal at home, her parents went with her to confront the Oustass, but he was nowhere to be seen until at a later time when the supposed scholar in Islamic teaching came to their home to offer his apology.

She narrated that her father put it to the Oustass that it was for the very victim to decide whether or not to accept his apologies.
From this point in her life, the lady said she could not lay trust on any Qur’anic education centre, let alone enroll to complete her courses, leading to her eventual dropout.
She added: “My father took me to other Daaras but I was so scared. And whenever my father left, I go back home. I used to like to recite the Quran. And my father later was the one who used to help teach me the Quran at home. It was difficult. I always try to discourage my siblings from going to Dara because I don’t know if it could happen to them.”
For the second week, the commission is pursuing cases of gender-based violence that occurred between 1994 to 2017.  Ahead of this week’s hearing, the commission had announced the need to conceal identities of victims with a view to minimize possible chances of their victimization.

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