Lack of Cash Power Shuts GRTS down

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: The Gambia’s only national broadcaster, GRTS was abruptly forced to shut down transmission immediately after the evening news programme when its power generator ran out of fuel.

Sources told Eye Africa TV that the GRTS has been operating all day on generator because the cash power metre to generate energy from the National Water and Electricity Company, NAWEC was at a zero unit.

“Cash power was finished since morning forcing the GRTS to be on generator until 20:55. few minutes after the first newscast, their generator went down because of fuel.”

Although NAWEC had issued a notice informing the public that only eight of its cash power sales outlets were to operate within the Greater Banjul Areas thanks to the Eid Adha Feast, the use of Automated Teller Machine for purchase of cash power was possible.

Transmission resumed after the purchase of fuel about one hour of blackout.

The state media is said to be owing NAWEC millions of dalasi on water and electricity during the day of the former ruler Yahya Jammeh, eyeafrica tv could not confirm the status of this debt prior to this publication.

The National broadcaster which was established in the earlier days of the former government, continues to face challenges in meeting the demand of the public. Staff would blame the government for carelessness in its obligation to fulfil financial need in broadcast services.

The institution solely relies on the GSM leverages and commercials which fall far below the day to day running cost.

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