Kigali to shift some businesses conducted in various markets to encourage social distancing

The leadership of Nyarugenge sector and the city of Kigali are planning to shift some businesses that are conducted in various markets to more spacious places in a bid to encourage social distancing among people that go to these markets. This is a move to mitigate the further spread of COVID19

At the kimisagara market in Nyarugenge sector, people were observing the one-meter distance between themselves in the morning hours before entering the market as well as observing distancing between the trader and buyer. Citizens say that this has helped eliminate the concern they had of contracting the coronavirus.

MUKAHIRWA PROVIDENCE -a Business Person in IMISAGARA “No one comes close to the other; the client stands a distance away and the one you work with also stands away from you. Ever since the security people came and explained to us the importance, we have no issue with it and it has helped us because we work with no fears of getting the virus.”

MUSHIMIRWA JEAN D’AMOUR-CUSTOMER in KIMISAGARA, “The lines we make enable us not to be in close contact with each other and we obey the measures that were put in place by the government. We don’t worry about spreading the virus or contracting it from the ones that could be close to us. The one-meter distance between us prevents the spread of body fluids in case one sneeze which minimizes the possibility of getting the virus.”

But there are some places you would find people crowded and squeezing as they go into markets such as marato mini-market in Nyabugogo where people are expressing concerns about getting the virus and are calling upon for other measures to be sought.

The executive secretary of Nyarugenge sector Ngabonziza Emmy says that they are going to work on ways to ensure that not so many people enter the market to enable them to practice social distancing. The other thing is that they continue to urge people that utilize the market services to continue respecting the measures put in place to prevent the further spread of the COVID19

“In places such as marato specifically, we are putting efforts to limit the number of people entering the market at the same time and limiting movement. We only allow people to enter the market based on the number of people that is already inside. We ask the people to listen to these measures that we trying to put in place so that we don’t have to fight about this. We don’t want to have to use force, and people should also have the responsibility to themselves and others around them.”

Ngabonziza also says that the leadership of the sector has plans to shift some of the services conducted in markets to expanded places such as where the the Nyabugogo park was. An example is a place called Mutangana’s where foodstuff is sold, and they are planning that some of the services that are offered there will be shifted to the bus station to reduce the crowding of people.

“We are looking in various places where we can shift some services to especially those that deal with foodstuff. For example at Mutangana’s you find so many cars shopping plenty of foodstuffs and you find many people from different places in the city buying things to take to their communities. We believe in not more than two days, we would have implemented these plans of shifting some of these services to Nyabugogo park because it is currently not in use by so many cars.”

The ministry of health urges people to practice social distancing of at least one meter between them as a way of stopping the further spread of COVID19.

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