Kigali residents complain about the continued scarcity of water

EYEAFRICA TV: Kigali, Rwanda: At one of the centers where communities fetch their water from in Busanze in Kanombe sector, there’s a public notice that says you should fetch water worth no more than 20 francs per Jerry Can and At 1 pm, it is already locked up. Residents that stay around say that when they need water, they have to walk a distance to go look for it.

At the sector, you find crowds of people from various places all waiting to get water. The queues are very long, everyone is waiting to get water and go on with the other day’s activities and yet they wait for up to seven hours to get the water.

“I have come riding from really far, way outside the city looking for water. Imagine leaving your wife at home telling her you have gone to get her water for her to cook but hours later, you are still waiting, yet she has a toddler whose clothes she was supposed to wash,” one of the residents said.

“This is a challenge we have been battling within for some time now, it’s not that it has just started. In June when it’s the dry season, we can’t get water.”

Officials at Water and Sanitation Corporation(WASAC) are giving assurances that the challenge of water scarcity in different parts of the city will be history in a very short time.

Residents wish to have this challenge rectified as soon as possible because it is something that has lasted a while. “They keep telling us the water will be coming, even the parliament sits, we give our complaints, they assure us that water will come but in vain,” anthers resident said.

WASAC says apart from the existing water projects that aim at solving the water crisis, there is a master plan of the water system in the city of Kigali.

The director-general of WASAC Aime Muzola highlights the expected results this master plan will have which weren’t in place before.

The master plan was designed by the Japan International Cooperation Agency in Rwanda and will be extended to Karumuna, Shyorongi, Runda, Gahengeri, Rugarika, Ntarama, Muyumbu, and Nyakariro. As part of the national strategic plan of 2017-2024, the government is looking to avail clean water to all citizens.

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