Kenya government warns its territory will not be used as a battle ground

EYEAFRICA TV: Nairobi, Kenya: The government of Kenya has warned the Federal Government of Somalia that it will allow any violation of its territorial sovereignty. The Kenya government says the Federal Government of Somalia in pursuit of short-term political expediency is out to create artificial fissures in the relations between the two neighboring nations.

The government is instead urging the Somalia government to focus on managing its internal affairs for the welfare of its people and advancing the cause of peace, security and stability in the region.

Already the Kenya Defense Forces have been deployed to Mandera after fighting in the neighboring Somalia spilled over to Mandera town. Business in the town was interrupted for the better part of Monday as locals scampered for safety after two warring factions in the war-torn nation engaged in heavy gunfire.

Fighting broke out in Somalia’s town of Bula Hawa on Monday morning following an escalation of tension between the Somalia Government and the regional government of Jubaland. Residents of Mandera town in Kenya that neighbors Bula Hawa were forced to flee the area after the fighting spilled over to the Kenyan side of the border.

The Kenya Defense Forces have since been deployed to man the Kenyan side of the border to protect Kenyans from falling casualties. Tension between the governments of Somalia and Jubaland has increased since last year’s disputed regional election.

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