Kanifing Fire Service Reacts to Fajikunda Fire Disaster

Divisional Fire Officer of Kanifing has reacted to claims by people their they arrived at the Last Thursday fire disaster at Fajikunda with a half tank, saying fire fighters were delayed due to road congestion.
Speaking to Eye Africa TV, Demba Kujabi said they received a call from a fire officer that there was fire at Fajikunda. “Fire fighters were serioudly delayed due to road congestion.”
According to him, when fire disasters occur, people shoukd always csll the direct fire service line for a quicj help.
MR. Kujabie denied claims that fire fighters went to the scene with half tank. “These tanks are purposely meant for Europe where when you travel for a kilometer you can refill.”
He said three fire fighter vehicles from three stations were at the scene. “As at now, we cannot ascertain the cause of the fire. We cannot tell because it will be premature as investigation is on going,”

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