Jesus says without him Yahya Jammeh wouldn't be alive today

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Gambia’s former President Yahya Jammeh’s one-time police chief, yesterday told the country’s truth-seeking commission, TRRC, that if he had not done his job perfectly well while in active service in 2009, contrary to the accusations of Mr Jammeh, he –Jammeh- would have not been alive today.
But Ensa Badjie, who is widely called Jesus, said he has forgiven all those who tortured and inflicted sufferings on him, including Mr Jammeh.
“If I have not done my work well, Yahya Jammeh would have not been alive today because in 2009 at the airport, he entered a flight at around 3pm and fire started to spark. I ran and stood in front of the flight and he sent his chief of protocol Alhagie Ousman Ceesay and I told him that as long as I am the Inspector general of police, the plight is not going to take off,” he told the Commission.
He said Mr Jammeh again sent one of his generals, Alagie Martin and he –Ensa- gave him the same respond as he gave to Alhagie Ousman Ceesay, saying he meant his words at the time because Mr Jammeh was not the only person on board that flight. “There were ministers there. He disembarked from the flight and saw people crying. That was the day he declared on the national television that now is the time he got one of the best Inspector general of Police.”
The same Jammeh on 22nd July 2010 that his IGP and many of his directors are criminals. I am happy about the TRRC. I came here no body corrupted me to say what I am sating here. Because if I don’t tell the truth here, people will be looking as me like that convincing that I am a criminal.
In August 2011, the Special Criminal Court convicted and sentenced Mr Badjie to life imprisonment after he was found of robbery-related offences. The court found him guilty of seven out of 12 charges filed against him by the state prosecutors in May 2010, after his arrest in March the same year.
He was convicted alongside former Chief Superintendent of Prisons Ali Ceesay, who got a three-year jail term or a fine of D30, 000 after being found guilty on one out of the three-count charge against him.
Mr Badjie told the Commission in his Wednesday testimony that because Yahya Jammeh controlled everything in the country at the time, including the judiciary, nothing was going fine. “His one-time Pakistani chief justice once told him that the laws are good and he –Jammeh- agreed but when he told him that the judiciary is independent, he said no, the steering of the vehicle was still part of the vehicle.”
He also accused Mr Jammeh of being the brainchild of all the mess that The Gambia is plunged into, today, saying one can be his minister for ten years and he will not have a problem with him, but once he becomes the interior minister, director of NIA or Inspector General of Police, the problem will started.

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