It is useful to learn from China in fight against COVID-19 pandemic: Italian expert

EYEAFRICA TV: Rome, Italy: China’s measures against the COVID-19 pandemic are useful for Italy in fighting the virus, as Italy registered a total of 110,574 COVID-19 cases so far, with death toll rising to 13,155, said an Italian vaccine expert.

Professor Giuseppe Remuzzi, a well-known Italian scientist who’s the director of the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research in Milan, told the China Global Television Network (CGTN) in Milan on Wednesday that “We are recommending people to stay home, and take precautions. What I can tell you is that if people take strict precautions in terms of wearing masks, washing hands, and living in the same home, but staying relatively separated as far as [they] could and hygienic services. These will protect them enough.”

As the situation is improving in China, Remuzzi said that Italy can learn a lot from China’s measures taken in Wuhan, the worst hit city by COVID-19.

“The first important thing that China’s Wuhan teaches us is to close down the city, and in fact we have closed Lombardy exactly as Wuhan did. And in some particular area like Cordogno where these have been done in very strict sense like those in China. The disease is already disappearing somehow because the number of new cases has been down to almost zero,” he said.

He added that “The second lesson is that you have to have hospitals dedicated to COVID-19 patients, and as far as I know, you have been brave enough to build hospitals something like a couple of weeks or even less.”

The professor said that each country should have enough ventilators in dedicated places to ventilate the infected patients. And as China is working to prevent the resurgence of the disease, Remuzzi said, the recovered patients and those believed to be recovering cannot leave the place where they have been quarantined before they have at least two tests negative. The professor added that even by testing twice, people might not be completely safe.

Commenting on the US efforts in containing the spread of the virus, the first nation with more than 200,000 COVID-19 infections by April 1, Remuzzi urged the people of the United States to stay indoors.

“I think it would have been important to decide to close the city as you did in Wuhan as soon as they can. I realize that this is a problem with the economy, but the economy should be regarded as a short term or long term effect,” he said.

“If you are looking at the short term effect, this may be a mistake, because it is better to have a short term difficulty with the economy than a long term trouble. So allowing people to go around or partially to go around will undoubtedly disseminate the virus,” he added.

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