"It is Our Priority to Promote, Protect Continuity of Human Rights in Africa”

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Fatoumatta Jallow-Tambajan, Gambia’s vice president today said at the closing of the 61st ordinary session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Right in Banjul that everyone must participate to prioritize the promotion and protection of the continuity of human right in the African continent.
Madam Jallow-Tambajang also said peace and development can only be achieved in the continent when human rights of all are promoted, protected and guaranteed.
Vice President said she was gratified by the Commission’s continued efforts and development on human and people’s rights. “The commission provides forums for people to evaluate and implement the African Charter on human and People’s rights.”
At the end of the fifteen days confab, a strong communique was prepared which indicate the magnitude of work that is so far been achieved by the collective efforts through the commission and other parties.
Madam Jallow-Tambajang stressed that the discussions made during the session, the recommendations and observations of civil societies organisations and human rights bodies are all meant to stir the affairs of the African continent.
Also Gambia’s Minister for women affairs, Madam Jallow-Tambang equally talked on inclusion of women, saying they are most of the times left aside or behind. “It is time that Gambia demonstrate that women are not only part of the government but also part of economic governance. We must ensure that women are empowered, have access to information and opportunities to network to broaden their perspective to empower themselves.”
She said it is always said that African women are empowered but looking governmental structures, women representation is low and b that must adjust.
“Gambia as an emerging nation of democracy has challenge but these challenges will be used to make the country a beacon of hope, with the help of all sectors,” she said.
Delivering a statement on behalf of the commission’s chairperson, Lawrence Murugu Mute described the commission as an eminent human rights body in Africa, pursuant to the African Charter on Human and people’s rights.
He said the session provided participants to discuss the past, present and future development of the commission and also look on ways to solve challenges which continue to hinder its progress.
Mr. Mute appealed to stakeholders to adjust on their quality of contributions and to take ownership of their instruments to uphold human and people’s right.
“Africa continues to suffer from hunger, unemployment and the violations of human rights. We are concerned by the recent human rights violations in Zimbabwe.”
The 61st Ordinary Session was held from 1st to 15th November 2017 at the Kairaba Beach Hotel coinciding with the Commission’s 30th Anniversary.
The next session will be held at Nouakchott, Mauritania from 25th April to 9th May 2018.

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