Israel asks Security Council to condemn Hamas or Gaza will feel IDF might

EYEAFRICA TV: New York, USA: Israeli Ambassador to UN Danny Danon has called on the Security Council to condemn Hamas for their action, stressing that if “Israeli children are not allowed to sleep quietly at night, then the terrorists of Gaza will feel the might of the Israel Defence Forces.”
Speaking to reporters in New York, Danon said the Security Council meeting to discuss Tuesday’s rocket launches from Gaza was a positive development, saying the acts of terror must be met with actions not just words.
He called on the Security Council to finally designate Hamas as a terrorist organization. “The Palestinian terrorists must be fought with the same tools and the same vigor the international community uses successfully against al-Qaeda and against ISIS.”
Mr. Danon said many in the international community were deceived by the terrorists in Gaza who dressed up as protesters over the past few weeks, yet all of these terrorists have the same consistent goal to harm innocent Israelis.
In response to a question regarding a Kuwaiti draft resolution which calls for international protection for the Palestinians living under Israeli occupation, Danon described this as a “cynical attempt of Kuwait to present a shameful resolution.”
He asked members of the Security Council how they could support a resolution about what is happening today in Israel without mentioning Hamas even once?” He expressed his believe that more Members would follow the, “leadership of the US and will oppose the shameful resolution.”
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