Is Government Interjecting Public Attention On The Diplomatic Passport Scandal

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: The sudden move by the Gambia Government to release full report in which former president Yahya Jammeh is implicated on counts of financial ‘mismanagement’ together with his allies is expected to shift public attention from debate on the current diplomatic passport saga.

Government spokesperson said in a statement that today’s press conference in which the report will be released, will throw light on the one hundred million dalasi accrued from the proceeds of Yahya Jammeh’s cattle and domestic articles as well as the one billion dalasi from his forfeited landed properties.

This announcement came in the wake of allegation of fraudulence on the country’s diplomatic passport involving but not limited to staff of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Gambia Immigration Department, and Office of The President. The document is allegedly sold to ineligible persons whose documents were widely shared on social media within the past two weeks.

While up to nine people were arrested in connection with the passport saga, leaked letter exposed the Minister of Justice in request of diplomatic passport for five of his family members to which approval was granted.

Critics believe that government has chosen to share revelations in the Janneh Commission tonight to interject public attention on the cause of justice in regards to the abnormal issuance of the most prestigious national document.

The Commission of Inquiry into financial activities of public bodies, enterprises and offices during the twenty-two-year rule of the APRC government was launched by President Adama Barrow in July 2017.

After nearly two years of sittings, there were calls for the presidency to whom the report was handed to publicise every detail of it but the executive held on to its own deadline.

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