Intl. community supports China’s fight against coronavirus epidemic

EYEAFRICA TV: Abbis Ababa, Ethiopia: Many countries and international organizations have voiced their support for China in combating and controlling the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) epidemic.

Fabrizio Hochschild, the UN Under Secretary-General said on Thursday he is united with all Chinese people in the battle against the epidemic caused by the new virus.

“I’d like to express my deepest solidarity with the people of China confronted with this public health challenge,” he said.

During an interview at UN headquarters in New York, Hochschild also noted that 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. And on behalf of UN, he thanks China and other governments and people for their efforts in fighting the virus and calls on international efforts.

“Few problems are the problems of countries alone. We need international solidarity. We’re all in this together. And when we work together, we can beat and overcome these challenges,” said Hochschild.

The official concluded his remarks by speaking in Chinese, “Zhongguo Jiayou! Wuhan Jiayou!”, an expression to keep Chinese people’s strength up.

The message was shared by the African Union (AU).

“Go, China!” Kwesi Quartey, the deputy chairperson of the AU Commission chanted in Chinese to express his support for the Chinese government and people in the fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic.

Speaking during the 33rd AU Summit in Addis Abeba, he said China’s performance in the fight against the epidemic is impressive and he believes that China will overcome the epidemic.

“On behalf of the chairperson of the Commission, of the whole Commission, on behalf of all Africa, we are very fully behind China in the struggle to deal with coronavirus. We are also very impressed by the speed of which the hospital was built. We are confident that in the advance of China in science and technology this matter can be addressed. Go, China!” said Quartey.

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