Interior Minister said elements of the popular movement wanted to “smash him” and “destroy the country”

EYEAFRICA TV: Algiers, Algeria: On Tuesday 10 March, Algerian Interior Minister Kamal Beldjoud affirmed that elements of the popular movement wanted to “smash him” and “destroy the country” through calls for daily demonstrations instead of weekly marches.

Beldjoud said that after his election, President Abdelmadjid Tebboune committed himself to meet the demands of the movement.However, recently, some elements (he did not specify them), who are willing and working to destroy the movement’s results, have appeared.

He continued: “They protest on Friday and Tuesday, and today they are talking about other days; why all this?”

“These demonstrators have clear intentions to destroy the country, go back to past years and get into trouble,” he insisted.

The Interior Minister called on “citizens to be vigilant and to support the president.”

On 22 February, the Algerian popular movement entered its second year of demonstrations without interruption, to demand what activists call “the fundamental change of the system and not only its facade.”

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