Indonesian investigators attribute 2018 Lion Air crash to mechanical flaw

EYEAFRICA TV: Jakarta, Indonesia: Indonesian investigators blame a mechanical flaw as one of the main factors of a Lion Air crash on Oct 29, 2018, when JT610, a Boeing Max 737 jet crashed killing all 189 people on board.
The flight crashed into the sea off Karawang of Indonesia’s West Java province shortly after taking off from Jakarta at 06:30 local time.
Nearly one year after the deadly crash, Indonesian investigators have released the final report in a briefing held Wednesday for family members of the victims.
Anton Sahadi, who’s been seeking justice for two of his cousins on board that flight, was not satisfied with the result.
“We are not satisfied with the report that was released to us today. We still feel that it didn’t provide us with the information that we have been looking for. Our hope is that the Transport Committee will now abide by the law, the airline should take responsibility and needs to be sanctioned because we don’t want this to happen again in the future. Safety needs to be taken seriously,” said Sahadi.
According to Sahadi, the committee attributed mechanical issues as the main reason for the crash. He said other factors include lack of communication and education regarding the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), a feature of Boeing 737 MAX’s flight control system, which malfunctioned 13 minutes after the plane took off.
Latief Nurbana lost his son in the crash. Just like all the family members of victims, he wants clear answers.
“The Transport Committee says this report cannot be used as evidence in court but as families of the victims, we see there are a lot of factors that could work in our favor. We know now that the problem was not human error, it was a mechanical issue. Although they said we aren’t allowed to use it as evidence, I think we will certainly use some of this new information for our lawsuit procedures with Boeing,” said Nurbana.
Indonesian investigators are expected to release the final report to the public on Friday.

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