Indians Protest In Capital City Over Air Pollution

EYEAFRICA TV: New Delhi, India: Weeks of choking air pollution compelled protesters on the streets of New Delhi, India in the weekend, demanding action to restore conducive environment for living.
A thick haze caused by plumes of toxic smoke from farm fires raging in neighboring states was noticeable above the city during the week.
As the air quality continues to dip, authorities in India have declared a pollution emergency, closing schools and all construction activity.
on Saturday, residents, including children and students, came out to protest, demanding the right to clean air.
A mother who brought her children to the protest complained the worsening air pollution.
“What brings me here is my kids. Every year I have to call out to them that to stay inside, don’t go out. And the best time of the year in Delhi, when you want to be out and enjoy your picnics or play out and kids has to stay back. So it is just very sad because they are wearing masks and it suffocates them,” she said.
The government reportedly distributed more than five million masks in schools on Friday, but protesters called for more steps to improve air quality.

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