Afghan President Ghani leads preliminary results of September presidential election

EYEAFRICA TV: Kabul, Afghanistan: Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has led the preliminary results of September presidential election by 50.64 percent, Afghan Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced on Sunday.
Announcing the long-awaited results, Chairperson of IEC Hawa Alam Nuristani told reporters that Ghani was followed by presidential hopeful and government’s Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, who secured 39.52 percent of the votes.
Ghani celebrated the lead with his staff upon hearing the announcement.
“On behalf of the Afghan people, I extend my heartfelt wishes to the announcement of the preliminary results of the 2019 Afghan presidential elections,” he said.
Abdullah rejected the preliminary result, regarding it as “fraudulent” and unacceptable.
“I think no one is telling them that only the preliminary results is issued now. There is an important procedure that has not been activated — the Election Complaints Commission, which is starting its work today,” said Abdullah.
Nuristani stated that the candidates and voters can register their complaints within three days and the result could change after reviewing the complaints by the Election Complaints Commission.
The preliminary results were supposed to be announced on Oct. 19, but they were delayed following audit and recount of votes amid reports of irregularities.

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