In Jammeh era, Bafuloto demolition type wouldn't happen – villager

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Doulo Sambou, a native of Medina Farato commonly call Bafuloto has angrily reacted to Tuesday’s demolition of many compounds in the village saying in the former government of ex- President Yahya Jammeh, nothing like this would happened.
A number of compounds were on Tuesday demolished in Farato Medina otherwise call Bafuloto, causing bloody riots in the area. The people of Farato embarked on the demolition exercise in Bafuloto through a court order.
The demolition team led by Momodou Secka from the Sheriff Division accompanied by a team of Police Intervention Unit PIU officers were drove away from Bafuloto with stones up to the Police station in Farato. Their cars were burnt down, the grader hired by physical planning to demolish the compounds was burnt down and tires burnt on the highway blocking traffic in Farato and several people suffered injuries and rushed to the nearest hospital.
This land dispute according to residents has been in court since 2006.
“They would have never do so or even attempt to that. The man was talking about City State status of the Gambia that compounds will connect and villages will connect and the Gambia be call a state city. During his time, no body will demolish. So, if elections are done and somebody else win, I think that person should also be aware of the important of his leadership as president and his government to avoid illegal activity by intruders” he said.
According to Sambou, a designated state land area when developed with compounds amounting to 2000 cannot be touched by anybody. “This is because when you talk about a designated state land area, its ownership is by the state (government). And when it is develop and people start paying rent up to 15 to 18 years, no body can challenge that place” he said.
He said the said land in dispute has been well developed with over 2000 compounds and the action by recent settlers from the villages trying to shake hands with the highest level of falsehood to demolish the 2000 compounds with the support of some bandits is illegal. He described the demolishing exercise as an action that Israel did not do to Palestine neither did the White South Africans did to the Black South Africans during the appetite era.

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