Improved healthcare services keep Xinjiang people healthier

EYEAFRICA TV: Kakelike Village, Northwest China: People’s health in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region kept improving thanks to the government’s health care program.
Under the program, all residents in Xinjiang could get free health check-ups each year, along with free tuberculosis (TB) symptom screenings and chest X-ray examinations for residents both in urban and rural areas aged 15 and above.
Xinjiang has a very high TB prevalence, which often leads to illness-caused poverty among residents. That’s why TB symptom screening is included in the free health check-ups and targeted medical insurance is implemented in the region, in addition.
Over the past four years since the program was launched in 2016, Xinjiang’s hospitals and clinics have provided 70.8 million medical checkups after receiving government funding worth about 5 billion yuan.
Efforts have also been made in improving medical conditions for all 8,600 village clinics across the region, with 184,000 doctors getting professional training.
In Kakelike Village, Kuiya Town of Hotan City, Nooramina Memet, a newly-trained doctor, said she is now busy updating health records for each villager and visiting cured patients in their own homes as the fourth round of health examination results are released recently.
“Since free medical examinations started, people have been found with fewer new chronic diseases. More patients visit clinics and their health has been improved,” said the village doctor.
Besides conventional treatment, cutting-edge medical technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and AI offer smart medical solutions to patients in Xinjiang.
Not long ago, the only fourth-generation Da Vinci surgical robot in northwest China was installed in the Xinjiang People’s Hospital in Urumqi, the region’s capital. With the help of the surgical robot, patients have been able to heal earlier, with less pain and blood loss.
“When in hospital, I got surgery performed by the most advanced equipment in the world. When they came to see me, my friends said it seems that I had not had the surgery,” said a patient surnamed Liu.
Next year, Xinjiang will ramp up its efforts in the healthcare sector. The authorities will improve the medical mechanism for poor villagers, promote free nutrition improvement program for rural children and free cancer screening program for rural women, and carry out 15 special projects to prevent and control cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes, among others.

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