Imam Fatty denies sharing any ‘special’ relationship with Ex-President Jammeh

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Former statehouse Imam, Abdoulie Fatty said there has not been any intimate relationship between him and ex-president Yahya Jammeh during his tenure as lead Imam of the presidency other than the role of an employer and employee.

Imam fatty appeared before the truth-seeking commission on Wednesday where he was probed on several matters, including the right violation of some religious leaders and the imposing of Islamic regions activities on Muslims during Jammeh’s era.

He told the commission that he does not obey Mr Jammeh’s orders just because he wishes to, but it was because he is his leader, quoting from the Qur’an that Allah had advised people to respect leaders.

But he admitted the ban placed on some religious scholars in the country, saying Supreme Islamic Council never ban a person unlawfully, or on Mr Jammeh’s orders. “Those banned were done under the dictates of the Quran.”

The Imam also rejected allegations that the Islamic Council was empowering unlawful orders of Mr Jammeh, saying that the council will not allow anyone to do as they wish under the name of Islam. “It is true that Gambia is not an Islamic state but almost half of the population do all their activities under the instruction of the Holy Qur’an. I will not compare the words of Allah to a man-made law.”

Written by Isatou Tamba

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