IGAD countries sign memorandum on drought and related disasters

EYEAFRICA TV: Kampala, Uganda: Four Countries under the inter-Governmental Authority on Development have signed a memorandum of understanding on Enhanced resilience of communities within the Ateker Cluster to mitigate drought and related disasters. The 5-year program has a financing of a US dollars 241.6 Million budget.

Inter-Governmental Authority on Development countries have signed a 5-year financing corporation of US dollars 241.6 Million budget to enhance resilience of communities within the ‘Ateker Cluster’.

The Ateker cluster is a mass of borderland that falls Between the IGAD member states of Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda that share common borders.

The Director of conflict Early Warning and Response mechanism Camlus Omogo represented the IGAD Executive Sectary and assured support to member states in their desire to have the target.

The State Minister Karamoja Affairs Moses Kizige and Turkana County Governor in Kenya Josephat Koli Nanorc say the memorandum will help the four countries to insure that disarmament is effected among other benefits.

The Turkana County Governor Josephat Josephat Koli Nanorc said the communiqué will help curb the vice of cattle rustling among member states. ‘We will go along way and help resolve the whole chronic problem’.

The Inter-Governmental Authority on Development meeting on Enhanced Resilience and Communities in the Ateker Cluster to Drought and Related Disasters held in Entebbe was attended by Ministers and Technocrats from Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and South Sudan.

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