I had the feeling that the junglers were the second most powerful in Gambia after Jammeh, – TRRC witness

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: A survivor of the brutalities of former president Yahya Jammeh’s kill squad said the junglers are like Mr Jammeh’s sons, with illegal exercise of power against Gambians which made him to believe that they were the second most powerful people in the country during Mr Jammeh’s 22-yer autocratic rule.  

Testifying before the truth, reconciliation and reparations commission on Monday, Musa Sallah said the junglers would do anything they like and go scot free, saying they are always armed to the brim, including with dangerous assault weapons, spades, pick asses and RPGs.

Major Sanna Manjang is one of the most feared members of the Junglers

Mr Sallah survived a bullet from a shut in his back during a shooting by the junglers in Omorto, a small off-road village near the Gambia-Senegal border in Jiboroh in 2001 in which one Pa Manneh was killed. He told the commission that even the drug squad would not dare to try to stop the junglers.

He explained how he came to meet the junglers including Major Sanna Manjang, who, he said was the one who shut him in his back and killed Pa Manneh who gave him a ride from Senegal’s southern region of Casamance.

Mr Sallah said the day that he was shut, Yahya Jammeh gave a televised statement and said that the one who died in the shooting was buried and the one injured will be provided with medical care.

He said as friendship began to establish between him and the junglers, who regularly come to drink at a bar that he was running, they once proposed to him for them to tell Yahya Jammeh about him that there is a 2001 Omorto shooting survivor.

Mr Sallah also explained how his car was hit by former president Yahya Jammeh’s convoy at around Cocoa Ocean in Bijilo and left him there injured and helpless. He said he reported the matter to Brusubi police station but the matter was never taken seriously.

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