Health Minister dispels rumors of Covid-19 emergency cases

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Health and social welfare Minister, Dr Ahmadou Samateh has dispelled rumors of emergency cases of the Covid-19 in the Gambia.

Speaking to the press on Sunday, the minister said there is no confirmed case of the deathly disease despite the screening of more than three hundred people who were suspected of coronavirus. Confirmation of twenty cases of the pandemic in neighboring Senegal generates tension among Gambians especially through social media discussions.

However, health facilities have subjected more than hundreds of people to surveillance and medical checkup but no symptom of Covid- 19 was found.
But Dr Samateh said there is high risk of the disease in the country, a reason for which the ministry of health is putting in place response mechanisms to contain any outbreak.

He explained some of the public awareness efforts on the symptoms and precautionary measures of the disease adopted by the health sector.

As the coronavirus continued to spread around the world, countries are also busy putting in place stringing measure to combat the deathly disease. The virus has claimed over 6,000 lives and infected more than 100,000 people globally.

By Amadou Kanteh

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